Saturday, July 13, 2013

Burch Beats: Strictly for the Summer 2013

  This playlist encompasses my summer therapy, my driving music and some of the music that has started intense conversation and debate this summer. 
Some of the individual lines might be harsh or offensive but as a whole, I think this playlist is an interesting exploration of the transformations in the rap world. The dynamic and mechanisms of power within music is fascinating, as Jay-Z and Kanye realize they have gained more power than most men ever could fathom,  newcomers  are sprouting up that seem more globally conscience than most rappers and artists before. Who will play the game best and become the next artist to rule the world? Travis Scott, Chance the Rapper, Joey Badass?  Or could it be a 16 year old from New Zealand going by the name of Lorde? She wears a look on her face in the video for Royals that seems to say "I am not worried at all, I'm not caught up in all of the things most people are, I crave a different kind of buzz... and I am smarter than just about everyone watching this video so I will get it". Don't believe me? Check out her videos below.

1.     Spaceship II feat Chance The Rapper & GLC - Alex Wiley
2.     F.U.T.W.  - Jay-Z
3.     Another Girl - Wild Belle
4.     I'm In It - Kanye West
5.     Smoke Again (ft. Ab-Soul) - Chance The Rapper
6.     Maaad Crew - Method Man And Redman
7.     They Don't Like Me (ft. Chance the Rapper) {prod. skywklr} - Childish Gambino
8.     Treat Me Like Fire  - Asher Roth
9.     My Yout (Feat. Collie Buddz) [Prod. By Chuck Strangers] - Joey Bada$$
10. Groov Feat. Asher Roth - Brothers From Another
11. Pass That Dutch - Asher Roth
12. Druggys Wit Hoes Again (feat. Ab Soul) - Schoolboy Q
13. Tom Ford - Jay-Z
14. Happy (C2C X Chill Bump Remix) - Chill Bump
15. World Domination (Prod. By MF DOOM) - Joey Bada$$
16. Healer - Asher Roth
17. Finding God Ft. @ Peace - P-Money
18. Tennis Court - Lorde
19. Crown  - Jay-Z
20. Blocka La Flame  - Travis Scott
21. Red Dot Music (feat. Action Bronson) - Mac Miller
22. Gees (feat. Schoolboy Q) - Mac Miller
23. U.O.E.N.O. Remix - Black Hippy
24. Uptown ft. A$AP Ferg - Travis Scott
25. Hell of a Night - Travis Scott
26. Jay Z Blue  - Jay-Z
27. Keep You - Wild Belle
28. Favorite Song Ft. Childish Gambino - Chance The Rapper
29. drugDILLA - Gorilla Warfare Tactics
30. Rolling Stone - Black Hippy
31. Ms. Fat Booty - Mos Def
32. Matches (feat. Ab-Soul) - Mac Miller
33. Flashed Junk Mind - Milky Chance
34. Modern Jesus - Portugal. The Man
35. Bound 2 ft. Charlie Wilson - Kanye West
36. Family Business - Kanye West

I first heard Lorde back in January when Hilly Dilly posted her free EP The Love Club. I immediately downloaded it and listened to it quite a bit but I didn't know how to start showing her music to my friends (it just didn't quite fit into any of my settings). So I waited for her to release more, as I waited, 94.7 fm in Portland started playing her music and people started to talk about "Royals". As this was happening she released Tennis Court and Swingin' Party and I was totally sold. She will never be a royal by blood, but she will definitely be a queen of the modern world if she keeps playing her cards right. 

This is the first version of the video for Royals Lorde released, it tells a story and also shows a lot of restraint to not reveal her too quickly.

   However, she is smart and knew that it was simply too artistic in composition to be fully embraced by the American audience and reformulated it: