Thursday, August 25, 2011


Mat Kearney did an amazing job with his debut album... but unfortunately not many people ever heard it. I cannot even find all of the songs on it on my playlist making site... very unfortunate. I found 6 out of 11. This first album is very unique because it cannot be placed within a genre. The drums sound like hip hop at times, and at other times he is pretty much rapping. But then it transitions into acoustic type rock. So... if you can identify a genre to put this under, let me know.

Trainwreck isn't even the rightly produced version but it was close enough so I included it anyways. Bullet and Undeniable are probably the best tracks but each has its own style

The Swelly Express

The Swelly Express by Chiddy Bang. This mixtape ushered in a new era of hip hop and introduced one of the best freestylers ever (see the Guinness world record for the longest freestyle ever, this guy holds it now). Xaphoon Jones, the bro making the beats, just destroys, and has a unique style with a killer ability to sample tracks (listen to the Opposite of Adults).
Chiddy has blown up since this mixtape, but some of my favorites on it are still unknown.

Listen to: Never, Danger Zone, Now You know, Dream Chasin, and Decline